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Affordable, mainstays of advertising that are suited for outdoor and indoor applications


Vinyl Banners

  • 13 oz Vinyl
    Our 13 oz Vinyl is our most popular option. It provides a matte finish and is commonly used for both indoor or outdoor use.
  • 18 oz Blockout Vinyl
    18 oz Vinyl has a smooth, matte surface and is thick and sturdy. Most commonly used for double sided prints as no light shines through and is a true blockout material.
Printed Sides
  • 1 Sided
  • 2 Sided
Banner Hem:
  • Cut to color
  • Heat Seam 1"
    Hemming extends the life of your banner. A heat-welded seam finish is done by bonding the folded edges of the vinyl, creating a one inch edge to the banner. This provides a smooth finish, and enough durability to hang your banner stretched tight. This method will not affect the print or sizing of your banner.
  • Grommets All 4 Corners
  • Grommets every 2'
    Grommets are placed on all 4 corners and evenly spaced every 2 feet in between. Our most popular option.
  • No Grommets
  • No Velcro
  • Velcro 1" black (complete set)
    This option includes both the rough (hook) side and the soft (loop) side of velcro.
  • Velcro 1" black loop (female only)
  • Velcro 1" white (complete set)
    This option includes both the rough (hook) side and the soft (loop) side of velcro.
  • Velcro 1" white loop (female only)
Vinyl Options:
D-Rings are sewn to each corner of the banner to provide extra durability, as well as the ability to secure the banner with straps or ties.
Gussets are triangles of banner material sewn into the back of each corner to reinforce the edges and provide strength and durability.
Rope is sewn into the top and bottom hems and extends out from the banner edge to be tied to separate poles or fixtures.
Wind Slits are half circle cuts throughout the banner to allow wind flow through. Typically recommended for temporary outdoor usage.

Digitally Printed Vinyl Banners provide the most cost-effective solution for promotional purposes. Powerful, versatile, and economical, vinyl banners fetch attention to your business or event.

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